About company

Our company was founded in 2007 and specializes on the compensation of the damage caused mainly due to road accidents involving foreigners.

Throughout our activities we are making efforts to provide qualitative and effective legal assistance to our clients. The key to our success is the trust between the client and the company, open communication and our expertise. We do not create additional inconvenience for the client, and even vice versa – we are trying to distance him from the settlement of the problem. In fact, direct communication is limited to the first personal meeting-consultation, when the client explains the nature of the case and presents available documents. However, later the client can expect to receive complete information on the current state of his case and, if necessary, to appoint a personal meeting with the employee working on the case.

During the meeting, we provide free initial legal advice, find out and clarify the details and circumstances and thus offer the client to sign a contract on legal services provision. The contract outlines the scope of rights and duties of the parties, remuneration and payment arrangements. Please note that in the majority of cases the principle of our cooperation with the client is the condition of “no cure, no pay”. Thus, we actually agree to work for the client for free up until we receive compensation. If the compensation is not paid to the client for a certain reason (even if the case of the client’s guilt in causing damage), we do not claim payment for our services. Where the client has received compensation in a smaller amount than expected, it is possible to discuss the reduction of the fee, specified in the contract, partial payment, etc.

For the categories of citizens who need special attention and social protection, consultations and some services are given pro bono (free).

More information about our activities can be found in the SERVICES  section.

By asking us for help, the client can rest assured that his case is in good hands.