Our main activity is to ensure the compensation for damage caused to Ukrainian individuals and legal entities as a result of road accidents abroad. Unfortunately, road accident is a trouble that can happen to anyone, and even the presence of rigorous police control and ideal state of the roads cannot completely prevent an accident.

While traveling abroad, citizens of most European countries have enough means to protect their violated rights, especially through the “total insurance”: voluntary car insurance, presonal liability insurance, social, medical and even legal insurance. With such an arsenal, the victim usually shuffles their problems on to insurance companies.

Unfortunately, most Ukrainians still do not understand the need for insurance as a means of minimizing the costs upon the occurance of damage. Very often the mandatory insurance is perceived by our citizens as coercion or duty, which allegedly does not provide any benefit but only serves to enrich insurance companies. Only when someone personally faces a certain problem does he realize that the availability of insurance coverage helps avoid significant expenses or guarantees compensation for damage to the third parties.

Our company helps citizens who suffered losses abroad to receive compensation for the damage caused to property, health, cargo, etc. In fact, this process (settlement of losses) is a complex and long-term legal procedure, and therefore the victim who does not possess basic knowledge of the damage settlement in a certain country, will find it difficult to achieve positive results and receive proper compensation in a limited time. 

How does it work

We are changing the clients’ view of cooperation with lawyers. No lengthy consultations, no advances and no extra client’s time wasted – these are our rules. Once the client comes to us with a problem, we start a client’s personal file, agree upon terms of cooperation and sign maximally simplified agreement on the provision of services. The client provides us with available documents and that is where his participation ends up to the receipt of compensation. Everything else is done by our experts, including the collection of additional evidence (documents, testimonies), organization of expert examinations, translations, etc. The client regularly receives a report on the state of affairs in writing, by phone or email.

What we offer

  • Fast and competent settlement of losses with minimum client involvement in the case.
  • Transparent and qualitative cooperation based on trust between the client and the company.
  • Involvement of highly skilled and experienced professionals.
  • Payment for the rendered services only after the successful completion of the case and receipt of compensation.